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Bed boss Mattress Comfort Scale

Revolution and Prestige

Crown, Prosperity, and Sweet Dreams

Heir ET, Reflection, Dreamer, and Rejuvenate

Heavenly Hybrid and Noble


Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Pressure points on the hips and shoulders and the natural contour of your side mean that side sleepers need a softer bed than back sleepers, with a cushioning layer of foam on the top:

Look for a bed with a cushioning layer of soft foam at the top layer. Memory or latex foam is the best.

Look for a mattress that is medium-firm to soft - ideally a mattress of 6 or under on the firmness scale 

Look for a mattress that is known to be supportive throughout the spine, with a high-density base layer of foam or supportive innerspring coils.

Recommended mattress for side sleeper

Revolution 2.5
Prestige 2.5
Crown 3.5
Prosperity 4
Sweet Dreams 4.5
Heir ET 5
Dreamer 5.5
Reflections - 6

Side Sleeper Drawing

Best Mattress For Back & Stomach Sleepers

Stomach and back sleepers need support throughout the body and a bit of firmness to keep the spine aligned:

Pick a mattress that is on the medium-firm to firm end of the scale as it will avoid sagging in the middle, causing your back to curve. 5-7 on the firmness scale is best. 

A high-density foam support layer with cushioning latex or memory foam is the best option here.

Look for beds with thinner top layers of foam as thicker will cause your spine to curve. Think 2 to 3 inches.

Keep in mind that back and stomach sleepers have more of their body on the bed than a side sleeper, which might mean that you sleep hotter. 

Look for cooling top layers and moisture-wicking fabric covers.

Recommended mattress For Back & Stomach Sleepers

Heir ET 5
Dreamer 5.5
Reflection 6
Rejuvenate 6.5
Heavenly Hybrid 7

Back Sleeper Drawing

Stomach Sleeper Drawing

Best Mattress For Couples

Couples need a bed that suits most people, so a middle of the road or hybrid/modular mattress that offers two firmness levels is best: 

Choose a bed that has high density, supportive base layers, which absorb movement when turning over or getting into or out of bed. A foam bed is best over innerspring as they tend to move less. 

Choose a mattress in the firmness range of 5.5 and over, designed to suit most body types because couples tend to not necessarily sleep the same or like the same type of bed. A medium-firm to firm mattress supports most people.

Recommended mattress For Couples

Dreamer 5.5
Reflection 6
Rejuvenate 6.5
Heavenly Hybrid 7
Noble 7.5

Couple Sleeping Drawing

Best Mattress For Hot Sleepers

Hot sleepers should choose beds known for their cooling materials that don't hug the contours of the body:

Stay away from beds with soft, thick memory foam top layers that tend to hug around the body, making you hotter. Latex upper layers, gel, or gel-infused are much cooler, and thinner layers of memory foam are okay. 

Take a look at new innovations in cooling technology, like cooling adjustable bases, air channels between layers, and new materials in top layers and covers. The mattress has come a long way in recent years in terms of materials, and there is plenty out there geared for the hot sleeper. 

Choose moisture-wicking, cooling, and antibacterial covers and avoid anything vinyl, synthetic, or materials that don't breathe. Wool, cotton, or Tencel are great options.

Recommended mattress For Hot Sleepers

Reflection 6
Rejuvenate 6.5
Heavenly Hybrid 7

Hot Sleeper Drawing